Alex Kenz, originally middle eastern descent and raised in Canada. Growing up Alex was always dedicated to his work and portrayed undeniable determination to gain as much experience in life as possible. At age 18 he established himself as a young entrepreneur when he went and opened up his own car dealership. Through this line of work, Alex had the pleasure of meeting people from all across the world which only motivated him to become heavily involved in the community. His social lifestyle allowed him to observe the behavior and actions of people and apply it to his acting. The art of acting to Alex is more than just playing a role in front of a camera, it is fully immersing yourself into a character and giving them life and a voice. One could say, his creative horizons are endless.

Alex starred in the horror film “Chosen Night” filmed in 2017 as the role of a crime detective. He was also the assistant director and helped with the production and editing of the film.

Dramatic, mysterious and romantic roles are just some of his favorites. Growing up he loved to watch the passionate and authoritative roles of famous actors like Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Denzel Washington.

His passion for acting and his passion for life will drive his determination and success as an actor. He will forever continue his dream and share it with the world.